Shotokan Karate Centers Oxted Grading November 20th 2017

On November 20th 2017 SKCE Oxted hosted their first belt grading. Everyone passed they examinations and were complimented on their performance nu Sensei Eric Pitch 7th Dan.
SKCE – Shotokan Karate Centres England (est 1981) – opened another club in Oxted. SKCE Oxted School is led by Sensei Alexandra Merisoiu, 3 Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, British and National Champion, and part of the SKCE international England team. Practicing Martial Arts since 1995, under many reputable instructors from around the world, and competing in the sport since a very young age, Sensei Alexandra is looking to pass down to her students the knowledge she has acquired over the years.
On the 20th November SKCE Oxted hosted their first, local grading at Oxted School, students welcoming Sensei Eric Pich, 7 Dan, director of SKCE, as examinator. Sensei Eric opened the first dojo in Granville Road, Kilburn on 14th January 1981 when he was just a 2nd Dan. Over thirty years later Kilburn SKC now boasts numerous dojos with a reputation as one of the country’s top karate clubs and Sensei Eric has risen to 7th Dan with over 800 students.

Congratulations to all students who successfully achieved their grading:
Graded from White Belts to Orange Belts
Michala Rimmer
Joseph Rogers
Christian Rogers
Matthew John Watts
Joshua Ireland
Daniel Wallace
Harriet Wallace
Emily Wallace

Graded from Orange Belts to Red Belts
Max Bentley
Julian Bentley

Everyone conducted themselves like true Karate-Ka, giving their best and every student passed their grading.
Students are locals starting at the age of 5-6 up to adults 40+. In fact there are parents training together with children, making for a an excellent family activity and special time to bond with the kids.


What SKCE teaches
SKCE is dedicated to traditional Shotokan Karate which is the most widespread and popular Japanese style of the art. It is a fast and dynamic style which uses quick body-shifting to evade opponents and launch attacks. It is known for its powerful punching but also employs spectacular kicks, open-hand, elbow and knee techniques. Throwing, leg-sweeping, locking and controlling are also taught as students advance in skill and understanding.
SKCE prides itself on welcoming people from any background, ethnicity, age and sex and fosters a positive and inclusive spirit which aims to develop the best in each individual student. Over the years SKCE has earned a formidable reputation in competition tournaments. Students (adults and children) compete regularly and have won hundreds of trophies – many national and international.

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