How Martial Arts Build Your Self Confidence


I’ll begin by saying that it takes a lot of courage to step into a serious Martial Arts Dojo. It takes courage to stand in front of someone who wants to hurt you. And it takes even more courage to  just stand as a target for your partner and trust her or him not to knock you out. It takes courage to be a Martial Arts student.

Just by showing up, day after day, week after week, even when things get tough and “life gets in the way” (good excuse!), you build your self confidence, self esteem and shape or re-shape your life.

The truth is you feel bloody powerful when you step on the mat knowing you are prepared, you have the tools to face your opponent, the same tools you will use to face the world and all the problems it throws at you, although the latter will not involve much physical contact.

The nervousness, or those butterflies, you feel when you spar is the same as the one you experience when you give a presentation. I’m still nervous every time I compete or even when I perform in front of the class. I am, however, very comfortable speaking in public. This ability to speak in public comes from my career in Karate and particularly competing. Although competition is not necessary I took this path.

Every time you push yourself to train, even if you are only 10% that day, you automatically build your self confidence and a stronger you – insider and outside.


Public Speaking

This is a great example from my life. Training and competing in Martial Arts lead to me being comfortable speaking in public. I’m not the best of them all but comfortable.

If you look beyond the physical, Martial Arts are more than just punching and kicking, they shape your entire life.

But you don’t see that as a child. Maybe later in life you will. So it’s up to parents to guide the kids on the path.

I wanted to give up Karate many, many times as a teenager. Luckily my mum knew how to guide me (not force me) back to my training.

Although I didn’t like it then, I am very grateful for that now.



When I moved to Oxted and saw there is not much going on in terms of Martial Arts, and particular Shotokan Karate (which is the ancestor of most modern Karate styles today) I decided to open a small class at Oxted School for kids and adults who want are serious about learning The Art.

At the moment of writing this article we train every Wednesday from 7-8 pm. But, depending when you read this article, things may have changed. Better to contact us first. Also contact us to book a free lesson.

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